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Easter 4B: Good Shepherd Sunday and Earth Day

The Gospel reading for this Sunday is part of John chapter 10–Jesus discourse on himself as the Good Shepherd (John 10:11-18). Wendell Berry distinguishes between farmers who are married to the land and others who rape the land. I see … Continue reading

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Farm Stroll-Meet and Greet Lambs

Last year we were a part of the first ever Farm Stroll coordinated by the University of Illinois Extension in DeKalb County. Families and individuals could visit a number of small, specialized farms in the county, and many of them enjoyed … Continue reading

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Handling the Primal

“I want to hold her,” Connie pleaded with me.   She rolled up her shirt and undershirt and took puppy Number One from me. An hour or so before I had called to Connie, “We’re losing her.”       Tiny, … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Blue Collar Dogs

              For me there is no greater thrill than seeing a sheepdog flat out working on a farm. It evokes the very magnificence of all honest labor done pridefully.             I must say that watching Border Collies gather a … Continue reading

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