A Prayer on Confronting the Violence of the Bible and of the World

Lord God, your Son has shown us that monster Devil is not out there in others, but in ourselves.

Christ has taught us we have no enemies that we must destroy with more evil, only enemies to win with the good of your love.

Cure us of the disease of fear by the medicine of trust in you.

Heal the injuries of our hate by the power of your confident hands of mercy.

Where evil stalks our land, show yourself, O Lord.

Where people are thought of as disposable for the sake of some imagined higher cause, show yourself, O Lord.

Where we are tempted to hurry your Kingdom’s coming through the short-cut of violence, show yourself, O Lord.

Where we have been less than honest and turned our heads from injustice in our world, or in the pages of the Bible, show yourself, O Lord.

Within us and each individual on each side of the artificial borders we have erected are both potential enemies to win with love and potential allies to join with courage. So, show yourself as the One and Only God of Mercy and Justice, in the cross of Jesus Christ.

Show yourself, O Lord, and come to redeem us.