Herding Dog Demonstrations

Are you looking for an exciting event for young and old? Talk to us about scheduling a Border Collie herding demonstration at a location of your choice.

Connie and John and the Border Collies of Heatherhope have delighted thousands of children and adults at demonstrations at such places as Kline Creek Farm in West Chicago, the Sandwich Fair (Illinois’ oldest county fair), Downers’ Grove (for the Historical Museum), Naper Settlement in Naperville, the Glen Ellyn and Carol Stream Park District dog events,  and Cantigny in Wheaton—all in Illinois.

Of course, demonstrations can also be scheduled for Heatherhope Farm in Sycamore.

For each demonstration Connie gives a commentary while John and the dogs show off the kind of moves that have made Border Collies such trusted and versatile partners in caring for sheep all over the world. They also demonstrate what it takes to train dogs, building on their amazing instincts and developing a partnership that is both inspiring and practical.

Since each situation is unique, please contact the Seraphines to discuss pricing for a demonstration. They can provide a high quality portable address system, explanatory brochures, the sheep, and all necessary equipment.

In case your space is very limited it may also be possible to demonstrate herding with ducks instead of sheep.

Cap turns reluctant ewes. Photo by Sandi Scott

6 Responses to Herding Dog Demonstrations

  1. Hello,
    Sycamore Park District(located in Dekalb county) has a 3-acre enclosed dog park. We would like to learn about your demonstration for a summer event! We would like to schedule on July 22, late afternoon, early evening, if we can work something out. We can accommodate sheep as well! Please contact me at your earliest.

  2. Hi! I am interesting in having you come do a herding demonstration at the school summer camp I coordinate in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood.

    We have a large athletic field with a fence. Duck herding would be absolutely ok.

    What’s your availability in late June or most of July? How much does it typically cost for such a demo?

  3. John says:

    I’m sorry, but I didn’t see your comment until today, March 18.
    Yes, we would love to do a demonstration at your dog park this year.
    My wife and I are hesitant to do demonstrations because of the pandemic–but are considering them under certain circumstances.

    When the Sycamore dog park first opened, just down the road from us, we were busy with another demonstration on your opening day, and so, had to turn down your invitation. So, it’s great to have this opportunity.

    So let’s talk about it and set things in motion.



  4. John says:

    I am open to hearing more about your situation. However, my wife and I are at the present worried about Covid, and about difficult travel with our sheep. We don’t have ducks. And summer travel for three hours for the sheep in a trailer would be too stressful for them – it’s 1.5 hrs each way to Hyde Park at least.
    We would love to have Indian Runner ducks, but having another thing to take care of on the farm at our age isn’t too inviting.



  5. Kent Higgins says:

    Good Day,
    My name is Kent Higgins. I am on the Board of Directors for the St. Patrick’s Society of Peoria, Il. and a member of the Executive Committee for the Peoria Il. Irish Fest. In recent years we have tried to expand the Irish cultural aspect of our Fest.We are considering adding a Herding demonstration to our event. We do have a grass field available for this. I can get details to you if you would be interested in performing and educating at our Festival which takes place the last weekend of August. We would be specifically interested in hiring you for Saturday August 27th to do 2-3 demonstrations.

  6. John says:

    Sorry, Kent, but this year we will limit demonstrations to here on the farm. The reasons are that our ewes all have very young lambs right now, and they will be tending them most of the summer, and my wife and I have saved August for travel to visit our children and newborn grandsons.

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