Winter Pounces

Advent is perfectly placed in the liturgical and meteorological calendar. It provides a natural faith lesson. Jesus says, “Stay awake! Be ready!”

This was a winter arrival to test readiness. The sheep were grazing on lush grass right up to December 3. Then winter pounced like a deep darkness burglar on December 4. The weatherman predicted […]

Robins Suddenly

             It was like a seasonal switch was thrown on March 6 of this year. After the second coldest February on record for Chicago, and (I believe) the coldest for our nearest airport in DeKalb, we recorded our final below-zero day that day (-6) and went all the way up to 24. For the 11 […]

First Lambs of '14

Yesterday, up at 5:30 a.m.

Other days I would toss and turn myself back to sleep and get up at  7:30, but this day we were a week past what the calendar said was the start of lambing, so there was the extra electricity of being needed in the barn.

I skipped my stretching, roll-ups and […]

Surviving Winter

            This morning, March 12, 2014,  we awoke to a one-inch covering of snow and a temperature of about 25 degrees. The wind chill probably brought it down to about zero.

            Not bad. We pray it may be one of the last blasts of winter, but by this time we are hardened.

Drifting snow has eaten […]

Weather Calls for Glass-Half-Full Thinking



They say some people are “glass half full” people and others are “glass half empty.” I’m more inclined to think as Martin Luther of old who said we are all simultaneously saints and sinners. I know I have the capacity at any given time to get the joy out of a dismal day or mine the dismal out […]

We Believe in the Sun Even During Long Nights

It is that time of year when the darkness seems about to swallow the light. But, no! We believe in the power of the Light. The Darkness will not overcome it.

In ancient times, in their caves, and later in their wattle and daub huts, our ancestors must have been shaken by the foreboding of a […]