Handling the Primal

“I want to hold her,” Connie pleaded with me.


She rolled up her shirt and undershirt and took puppy Number One from me. An hour or so before I had called to Connie, “We’re losing her.”  

Puppy Number One is so small lying on Abbie’s foreleg. Photo by John



Tiny, black, with just a half of a […]

Prayerfully Gathering with Spot

February 2, 2012

                As an apprentice sheepdog, Spot has had a tumultuous work history. With the help of the insights from three of the very best sheepdog trainers in the world, Bobby Dalziel, Aled Owen and Gordon Watt, I have understood that I taught him well to bite sheep. I trained him on sheep that […]

Our CapXAbbie Pup For Sale

We have one male puppy available from our litter born November 20, 2012. He is one we have temporarily named Bart, though the buyer would, of course choose the permanent and registered name.

He, like all the others, is very healthy and athletic. Parents are our open dogs, Cap and Abbie who each garnered about 15 national […]

One Great Pup Left to Place

Our litter of pups, born to Abbie and Cap on November 20, are now eight weeks old. They are quite lively and healthy.

Olive was the first to leave the litter and went to Missouri, where her new young owner is a nursing student. She is a dear friend of our veterinarian and a fine dog […]

Who can resist puppy love?

Puppy love is our drug of choice! Abbie and Cap's pups at 3 weeks. Photo by Sandi Scott

The schedule at Heatherhope is dominated by puppies. But that is a great good thing!

The five puppies have been given temporary names. The two boys are Hector and (Black) Bart and the girls are Betty, Olive, and […]

Abbie Has Five Puppies

“And when I die…and when I’m dead, dead and gone, there’ll be one child born and a world to carry on.”

Abbie with pups born Nov. 20, 2011. Photo by John

Laura Nyro wrote those lyrics and Blood, Sweat and Tears and Peter Paul and Mary sang them.

But, in our case, it was one dog, Floss, […]