Good and Faithful Servant

I’m sorry, Frodo, that I am digging your grave before you have died. It is not my wish for you to die. I am not in a hurry. But it is obviously your time. And this will keep me busy. And this, besides just touching you, will be the final and only thing left for […]

Bilbo is Frodo's New Apprentice


Bilbo is our new livestock guardian dog at Heatherhope. Photo by John

        Bilbo is a Pyrenees puppy—only 6 weeks old. That’s too young, I know, for an ordinary pup to leave its litter and come to a new home. But Bilbo comes to Heatherhope this early to start important bonding with Frodo, his master and mentor, […]

First Lambs of '14

Yesterday, up at 5:30 a.m.

Other days I would toss and turn myself back to sleep and get up at  7:30, but this day we were a week past what the calendar said was the start of lambing, so there was the extra electricity of being needed in the barn.

I skipped my stretching, roll-ups and […]

Mister Frodo Sir

Mister Frodo surrounded by the ewes who trust him. Photo by John

Frodo is gentle of soul and strong of will. Frodo is fearless in fending off threats to those he is bound to defend.

The Frodo I am speaking of is our Great Pyrenees guard dog. He was so unimaginably cute and fluffy as a […]