News and Events

News & Events
John and Connie would like to share the blessings of life on the farm. They host a number of different kinds of events and offer some at other sites.

Seasonal Gatherings
Each season on the farm offers up different delights. For years now we have hosted an Epiphany gathering in the winter, a “meet and greet the lambs” event in the spring and summer barbecues. In the future we would like to add a midsummer event and a blessing of the animals event in October. The gatherings will all be ecumenical,  (usually) inter-generational and involve a worship element.

Border Collie Demonstrations
and Handler Training Events
For years now we have hosted training events and conducted demonstrations on our own property and other venues. Since John has been employed as a full-time minister he has not offered regular handling or dog training here, but he retirement in March may signal a change.
Meanwhile we will continue to do herding demonstrations and host clinics by some of the world’s best sheepdog handlers.

Worship and Contemplative Prayer
We hope to build a sense of ecumenical community here that might supplement the congregational life of the area. We envision regular gatherings for worship with a Celtic style, somewhat inspired by the Iona Community in Scotland, and a writing circle to encourage people to express their spiritual selves in writing.
Connie will be looking for special opportunities to host groups for contemplative prayer.
Join us on the farm to rediscover your own connection to the land and to be renewed in faith and community.

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