Free Range Philosophy

The philosophy found in these pages is “free range” in at least two ways.
First, you will find it as eclectic as I am. I am a committed Christian and a committed agrarian, but these things take me in diverse directions. I have not become captive to any ideology. Neither have I become specialized enough for my ideas to matter to specialists.
Being an agrarian makes me and my thougths “free range” in another regard. Without agriculture we would all starve. But, as Wendell Berry has so forcefully pointed out, far too few people who are passionate about ecology, know much or seem to care much about the practicalities of making things grow. I have come to greatly honor the wisdom of shepherds, herdsmen, farmers and others who have both a knowledge of the land they walk upon and work and a passion for being good stewards of it.
Some of these pages will have a directed and obvious connection to agrarianism and some will not. I pray that all of them will be from the mind of one in the service of all God’s people and all God’s creation.

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