The Apprenticeship of Bilbo

You and the children in your life can make a virtual visit to Heatherhope Farm and share in the joy as Bilbo, the Pyrenees livestock guardian dog learns from his mentor, Frodo, and begins to do his job of protecting the sheep.

Frodo and young Bilbo are mentor and apprenticeship.

Connie Seraphine is the author of The Apprenticeship of Bilbo, and she, husband John, and Connie’s nieces, Rachel and Anita provided the many photos. There are drawings too, and lots of fun to share.

The Apprenticeship of Bilbo is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Here is the link:

And here is Amazon’s description of the book:

Enter into this story through beautiful real-life color photos of farm adventures, sheep, and working dogs on every page! Witness how Farmers John and Connie love and care for real lambs, cuddly puppies, working Border Collies, and fluffy Great Pyrenees in full color images. This story is about Heatherhope Farm. It’s a farm filled with love and trust; challenges and perseverance. Lessons are learned and laughter rings out. Sheep “baa,” dogs bark, thunder crashes, crickets sing, and coyotes howl! For nineteen years, the two Great Pyrenees, Frodo and now Bilbo, have been super heroes in protecting generations of sheep on Heatherhope Farm. Many delightful adventures unfold with the owners and their lively animals. And they always enjoy sharing their farm with others. You are invited by Farmer John and Ms. Connie to join them on Heatherhope Farm and be part of their story.