Like Goliath, They'll Be Conquered

Depicted here, on the high utility post in front of our farm, is a scene that we see often: The tiny takes on the mighty.

If you look close you will see a tiny red-winged blackbird sitting on top of a formidable red-tailed hawk. At other times we will see all sorts of little birds harassing […]

Passionate Parenting and God

In Matthew 23 (as well as Luke 13) Jesus knows he is about to love us perfectly, even if he gets killed for it. His grief overwhelms him and he says, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often have I desired to gather your […]

Monarchs Make Us So Happy

Beat back the depression and anxiety of the pandemic by stepping outside. Rain or shine, breathe in, behold, and hearken to the nurturing power of nature!

Our hearts have filled with joy this season because everywhere we look are monarch butterflies. In and out of our tree lined borders of our fields, feeding on the clover […]

Bilbo The Brave

Son, Jeremiah, and daughter-in-law, Caroline, have a crossbreed named Luna at their new home in Oakland, California. She barks a bit. Mostly at the many squirrels who climb the branches of the redwood trees in their back yard.

I told Jeremiah that since Luna was part Old English sheepdog, she had bravery and protectiveness built into […]

K9 Playtime Therapy

Zac protects the tennis ball as Hector and Betty urge him to give it up so that the game can go on. Who takes care of whom during the pandemic?  These Border Collies provide much needed inoculation against boredom and depression.  Photo by John

Royal Wee Violets

Some violets spared from the mowing. Royal wee witnesses of God’s favor. Photo by John

Keeping the yard of our farm house mowed is a constant occupation these days. Spring is bursting out with the quite heavy rains, punctuated with bits of intense sunshine.

When I mow I cannot bear to wipe out all of the […]

What a Difference a Day Makes

They say about our part of the country, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes.”

Well, from yesterday to today there has been a bit of a shift.

Here are the sheep grazing in our north pasture in lovely glow of the sun just yesterday.

Sheep safely graze in the golden mid-April sun. Photo by […]

Sméagol Rules the House

Sméagol is a house cat. That means he rules the house. Photo by John

In a time of pandemic it is good to “shelter in place,” and practice “social distancing.” But it is also good, with those who are part of the household, to cuddle. And cuddle big time.

Our “circular shaped” cat, Sméagol, is famous […]

The Man Born Blind: Baptism’s Daily Significance in Decision

We call the present COVID-19 pandemic a crisis. Crisis can be thought of as a moment that makes decision necessary. We are pressed in a corner and must choose one way out rather than another.

The Gospel for the Fourth Sunday in Lent was meant by the author of this work as a deep meditation, in […]

Fog and Beauty at Heatherhope




Here’s another reminder that Life goes on during the pandemic.


Martin Luther said that one of his weapons for keeping the Devil away was to cut a fart. We can do something akin if, in the midst of the threat of COVID-19, we habitually open our eyes to the beauty and holiness all around.


A foggy morning […]