Book: The Apprenticeship of Bilbo


By Connie L Seraphine

The Apprenticeship of Bilbo: Adventures on Heatherhope Farm is a story told through beautiful real-life color photos of farm adventures, sheep, Border Collie working dogs and Great Pyrenees guard dogs.  Many delightful adventures unfold with the owners and their lively animals.

Lessons are learned and laughter rings out.  Sheep “baa,” dogs bark, thunder crashes, crickets sing, and coyotes howl! For nineteen years, the two Great Pyrenees, Frodo and now Bilbo, have been super heroes in protecting generations of sheep on Heatherhope Farm.

You are invited by Farmers John and Connie to join them in the adventure of Heatherhope Farm and be part of their story.

The book is for all ages. It can be read by children, starting at age seven. It can also be read to youngsters who will follow the story with color photos on every page. Adults report they enjoy becoming part of the adventure as well.

The publication date: May 19, 2021

Print length: 100 pages

Printed by Amazon ($25.45 and with free shipping)

Available on Kindle ($9.99)