Lenten Devotions Project

Lent is a time of renewal of faith. This year, 2016, the pastors and members of three Lutheran congregations in DeKalb and Sycamore, Illinois, joined together to produce a devotional booklet for the season. The them is “In the Breaking of the Bread,” inspired by the powerful story of Jesus, making himself known to discouraged disciples in the village of Emmaus by his teaching, his provocation, and especially by sharing table fellowship with them.

At Heatherhope Farm we are thrilled that we could be a part of this project; and we urge all our friends to open themselves to great blessing by sharing meals with loved ones, neighbors, and others needing nourishment and healing, and sharing in these stories of faith.

You can pick up a hard copy of the devotional booklet, “In the Breaking of the Bread” at First Lutheran or Bethlehem Lutheran Churches, DeKalb; or Salem Lutheran in Sycamore. Or you can access the devotions at the web site WritingSacred.org. Go to the tabs “In the Breaking of the Bread” at the top of any page of that site.  There are two tabs–one for each half of the Lenten season.

Break bread. Share. Be renewed!

About John

John is a retired pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America who has served congregations for over 40 years, including in rural, suburban, campus ministry and urban settings. His love of Border Collie sheepdogs has been fortified by his many friendships with shepherds all around the world. Nothing he has ever or will ever accomplish is as significant as the patience God, his wife and his friends have shown in putting up with his deficiencies.
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