Advent to Ecstasy


Some people have a hard time with Advent. They see it as a giant wet blanket on the “holiday season,” much like, some folk think certain strands of Christianity itself cast a wet blanket on the enjoyment of life.

In my experience the act of repentance that is called for in the Advent season is a […]

Free Sheepdog Trial Judging Seminar Jan 21


Nigel Watkins and Floss shedding in 2010 International Supreme. Photo by John

             “Up North” here we aren’t usually doing much sheepdog training in the dead of winter.  So, how about gathering for some lunch and snacks and talking about judging sheepdog trials by discussing Stuart Walton’s sheepdog trial judging video and other stuff?

               Heatherhope Farm and […]

Abbie Has Five Puppies

“And when I die…and when I’m dead, dead and gone, there’ll be one child born and a world to carry on.”

Abbie with pups born Nov. 20, 2011. Photo by John

Laura Nyro wrote those lyrics and Blood, Sweat and Tears and Peter Paul and Mary sang them.

But, in our case, it was one dog, Floss, […]

A Tribute to Floss

Today I proclaim high praise for Floss, an exceptional Border Collie. A gift from God.

Here is Floss in the winter of 2007. Sad to say she was extremely camera shy, so we have few photos of her. Photo by John

From birth to death Floss was a no-nonsense working dog. If Border Collies are bred […]