Blessing of the Animals September 25

Bring your pets and livestock to the ecumenical Blessing of the Animals at Heatherhope Farm on Sunday, September 25 at 4:00 p.m.

There will be no charge and no offering will be taken during the service, but those who wish to will be able to donate to the local Tails animal shelter.

The public is invited. The service will be Christ-centered, but people of all denominations and those who are seeking spiritually are welcome.  And all sorts of animals are welcome as long as they are kept under the caring control of their humans. Leashes are recommended, especially since this is a working sheep farm. Materials will be provided with which you can clean up after your pets.

Weather permitting we will gather on the lawn of the farm, with a flock of sheep not far away in the pasture. In case of rain we will have the shelter of the barn.

We will thank God for the companionship of our pets and for all animals, both domesticated and wild.

We will also call on God’s blessing, healing for all creatures, great and small, and for the granting of wisdom and compassion for all humans, that they may exercise responsibility for the care of animals with faithful compassion.

We anticipate that this will also be a chance to form and strengthen friendships as we share a love of God’s creation.

Please contact us (see contact page of this web site) for further information or to indicate your willingness to take part and even assume a leadership role in this Blessing of the Animals.

6 comments to Blessing of the Animals September 25

  • Anna Dee Lastick

    Hello! I plan to attend the pet blessing along with my pug, Pip and my shih tzu, Duke. I would be happy to help out in any way with the service.

    Anna Dee Lastick

  • John


    We look forward to sharing this service and to the visit of Pip and Duke. We will talk to you that day about helping.



  • Sharon Pflaumer

    My Miniature Poodle, Jester, and I plan to attend the Blessings Service. Thank you for making this opportunity available to pet owners in the commnity!

    Sharon Pflaumer

  • John

    We are preparing now for the service and are looking forward to meeting you and Jester.
    The weather looks good for the afternoon.



  • Janet Novak

    My friend Karen Whedbee and I will be attending the blessing, along with our three Westies–Cooper, Daisy (mine dogs) and Mick (hers). Thanks so much for inviting the public to this blessing. Nothing is so enriching as our pets!

    Janet Novak

  • John


    We will be looking forward to seeing you and Karen along with Cooper, Daisy and Mick. What a glorious time we will have!

    Pray for favorable weather. We may have a few sprinkles, but, Lord willing it will be tolerable and we will all have a grand time.



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