Sharing Makes Everything More Alive

Life on the farm is full of natural wonders, but sharing it with loved-ones makes everything more alive–even […]

The Vital Art of Laying Hedges

Ken Gwilliam of Shropshire, England, gave John a lesson in laying hedges–an art which gives southern Britain much of its beauty and charm. […]

Farm Diary 12/13/10

Wind and snow define recent days on the […]

We Believe in the Sun Even During Long Nights

It is that time of year when the darkness seems about to swallow the light. But, no! We believe in the power of the Light. The Darkness will not overcome it.

In ancient times, in their caves, and later in their wattle and daub huts, our ancestors must have been shaken by the foreboding of a […]

Bobby Dalziel Returns to Heatherhope for April, 2012 Clinic

Top Scottish sheepdog handler and trainer, Bobby Dalziel, returns to Heatherhope Farm April 26 through May 1 for a handling […]

Dogs in Love

Animals can often teach us humans about strong, loving […]

Writing Circle Takes Shape Sunday, January 23

A meeting to give shape to a new ecumenical writing circle for the Sycamore/DeKalb area of Illinois, will be held at Heatherhope Farm on January 23, 2011, at 7:00 […]