Twilight with Mirk


Mirk and I laid down in the blessed, cool shade. The realization set in with me that he is indeed nearing the end of his sojourn with us; and because of that, I wept.

Our time together started almost ten years ago when I came to Halterburn in the Scottish Borders to buy Mirk from Bill […]

Midsummer Night's Fest Closing Litany

Midsummer Night’s Fest
Closing Celtic Blessings

This litany is a compilation of segments of “Night Shieldings” found in Carmina Gadelica, a collection of hymns, prayers and incantations from the Scottish Highlands and Islands by Alexander Carmichael, slightly adapted for the occasion of our first Midsummer Night’s Fest at Heatherhope Farm.

(Pray slowly and please pause between sections.)


We are […]

No Short-Cut To Freedom

Discussions of controversial issues in the church cannot draw people together in compromise or concensus without the long-term development of true faith that alone can give people the freedom to live for […]

Naper Settlement Demo Defies Heat

Crowds brave the heat to enjoy a Heatherhope herding demonstration at Naper Settlement. […]