Strict Christianity

What does it mean to be strict in our faith? Christianity needs to be strict about leaving God and Christ in the center of things and not ourselves. […]

Where Do We Hear the Church?

We hear the church not only through authorized voices, but also through the voices of those on the margins. We hear the church through that which gathers people to God’s […]

Dressed to Impress or Clothed with Christ?

Reflections on Galatians 3:23-29
Pentecost 4 C

 “Are you going out looking like that?” 

That’s what my mom used to holler at me as I was going out the door dressed in my normal hodgepodge way.

Our family didn’t believe in putting on airs, but even we had our standards, and I often pushed the edges of those.

Our lives […]

Here I Am

While we busy ourselves with religion, God is in the midst of life saying, “Hey! Here I […]

How Sheep Survive A Storm

Sheep show us how to survive the storms of life by simply outlasting […]

Trials and Tribulations

Competing at sheepdog trials robbed John of energy and shrank his world. He learns not to rely on drugs, but on spiritual work to counter these […]

Gathering, Scattering and Being Church

While teachers and dogmaticians sometimes twist the meaning of the Bible, it does reflect a God who gathers. The church should follow the Lord in […]