Fortify Me Lord–A Holy Saturday Prayer

Fortify Me Lord

I’m 62 years old. For all my adult life I have been aware of my weaknesses. I have confessed them. I have earnestly sought to put them behind me.

Yet I am reminded every day: Nothing scriptural is more true than Jesus’ words in the garden: “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Your forgiveness, Lord, is wonderful. But I am so ashamed that I take it for granted. I hold it cheap in my careless moments. I know that the key to life is awareness and appreciation of the cost of your forgiveness. I know that the key to my being able to forgive is knowing how bloody costly it was for you to come to make your stand for impossible people like me.

Fortify me. Surround me. Fill me. Preserve me from sloppy living that lets the grace you have poured into my life dribble away.

May Christ be in the eyes of everyone who sees me—in the ears of everyone who hears me this day.

Fortify me.

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